Project works update April 2017

Walsingham House works update

26 April 2017

Walsingham House Construction demolition office fit out

Having completed the archaeological works in February of this year the ISG team have made excellent progress with the demolition of the remaining internal structure. Piling works were able to commence as planned on 10th April.  For many local residents that will mean an end to the noise associated with heavy demolition, which by comparison to other construction activities is markedly the most intrusive. 

Piling operations will continue over the next 4 weeks together with removal of waste material that is generated as a result. The city of London Environmental team have issued a dispensation to current working hours to assist with the removal of material from the basement. Dates affected will be as follows:

Thursday 28th April  working between 18-00 and 19-00 hrs

Saturday 29th April working between 08-00 and 17-00 hrs

Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 5th May between 18-00 and 19-00 hrs

Saturday 6th May working between 08-00 and 17-00 hrs

Working in the City of London provides a number of unique challenges and operating requirements. 

At Walsingham House we will soon be making a new connection to the existing sewer within the road. How is that different to working outside of the City?

Normally sewers are owned, managed and maintained by local Water Authorities such as Thames Water. 

In the City of London though all sewers are managed and maintained by the City’s Highways department on behalf of the Water authority. As a result the application to connect to the sewer has to be made to the City of London Highways department and approved by them. 

That application cannot be made until Building Control have signed off the drainage design for your development though. Simple? Don’t forget that the drainage design must include for a separate ventilation pipe at the point of connection and that vent pipe has to exit at roof level of your building. The reason behind this is that Highways are trying to remove all the ventilation grilles that exist within the roads and that are responsible for those bad smells you sometimes encounter in the street.

Once an application is made and approved you are ready to start excavation under the road to lay the new drain run. Not so fast….. have you submitted your design for the support work for your heading (tunnel) to the highways department for approval. Normally this process can take in excess of 12 weeks. But if your heading (tunnel) is under a certain size it doesn’t require an Approval in Principle (AIP). So if the width is less than 900mm overall then an AIP is not required