Project update - September 2018

Project updates

The steel frame erection is now complete, as is the installation of the three staircases and the metal decking (picture 3) – on to which we will now pour concrete to form the ground floor slabs.

Substructure blockwork is also well under way, and we will start the construction of the internal walls once the ground floor slab is in place.

The pipework under the pool has also been installed, and work is progressing with the formation of the pool base.

In terms of the roof, we have started to install guttering (picture 4) and will line the roof once this is complete. Following that, we will cover the roof with aluminium sheets.

Drainage works are ongoing both internally and externally. Primary drainage will be installed at the sports pitches shortly - we are looking to have this completed ready for seeding in spring next year. 

Many thanks,

James Fryer

Project Manager