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At ISG, we specialise in five sectors: offices, technology, science and health, retail, hospitality and leisure, education and public sector.


Today’s offices provide far more than places to house people and systems: they form the complex and vital infrastructure that helps people and businesses to thrive.

Facing rising market uncertainty around the world, businesses are looking for unprecedented cost assurance from their property solutions. At the same time, they need highly integrated and flexible work environments that help them stay agile and responsive to an increasingly fast-paced world.

At ISG, we believe the office environment should be as smart and dynamic as today’s most competitive organisations. After decades working alongside developers, designers and end users to build, fit out and refurbish new office buildings and workplaces, we have an unrivalled portfolio and depth of expertise. More than that, we have made it our business to know business. Our distinctive and robust offices offer responds directly to you, our customer.

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Offices sector experience - ISG
Technology science and health sector experience - ISG

Technology, science and health

For technology-rich or science-driven organisations, resilience, flexibility and future-proofing are paramount.

Remaining competitive means relying on datacentres, laboratories, and other health, science and technology environments to enable mission-critical and often highly sensitive activities. At ISG, we know the effective delivery of these complex places is vital to ensure you attract the best people and equip them with the right tools to fulfil your mission.

We believe science, technology and health environments should be as smart and agile as the organisations that occupy them. After decades working alongside consultants, clients and end users to deliver new builds and refurbishments in these sectors, we have developed the right skills, expertise and dynamic delivery models to create the smartest and most resilient places of tomorrow.

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Retail today is moving faster than ever.

The demand for omni-channel experiences, the need for increasingly sophisticated customer data, and the changing nature of distribution are putting retailers, designers, operators and developers under new pressures to deliver smarter, more responsive retail environments quickly and efficiently.

That’s why at ISG we put agility at the heart of everything we do. As retail fit out and construction experts, we have built a team notable not only for its breadth of skills and global reach, but also for its flexibility, tech savvy, and deep understanding of the retail industry. Our people share a common focus on our delivery dynamic with you, our customer, and endeavour to be there, whenever and wherever you need us.

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Retail sector experience - ISG
Hospitality and leisure sector experience - ISG

Hospitality and leisure

Around the world, today's hotel and hospitality guests seek the best in service and quality.

As developers, operators and designers of hotel and hospitality environments, you aim to respond to these increasingly discerning customers with meaningful and memorable experiences that build loyalty and enrich lives.

At ISG, we offer the same level of care that you provide for your guests. In fact, we think great experiences for your customers start with the relationships we cultivate with you, our customers. We make every effort to understand how your business operates. We build highly customised and specialised teams to deliver to your specific goals. We leverage our experience to the benefit of yours.

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Education and public sector

Our education and public sector programmes and projects benefit from our broad insights and experience for what makes best practice from across the public and private sectors.

Our extensive experience delivering public sector projects means we bring a rare perspective to these works. We see ourselves not just as builders, but also as enablers of the important activities undertaken by educators, civil servants and students every day. We take our role in creating safe, high-quality environments very seriously. As a result, we emphasise collaboration and shared goals throughout the construction process with the intent of helping public agencies meet both current and future needs.

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Education and public sector experience - ISG