ISG safety leader says we must improve awareness around mental health

28 November 2017

Mental Health First Aid England - MHFA England - ISG

Tackling mental ill health is not a campaign, but a long-term commitment, says ISG’s head of safety for Fit Out & Engineering Services, Brian Donnachie.

Brian made the comments to the magazine, Safety & Health Practitioner, on the 10th anniversary of Mental Health First Aid training in England.

“For the past 12-18 months, the subject of mental health has very much been in vogue,” Brian said.

“Significant media attention coupled with industry, a proliferation of celebrities and even the royal family openly committing to addressing mental health illness provides an indication of the increased status of mental health within society.

“We must build on this momentum to ensure long term improvements in the area of mental health are achieved and not allow recent efforts to be seen as simply yet another short-term campaign.

“Tackling mental health is not a campaign, but a long-term commitment to creating environments conducive to mental well-being.”

The need for mental health provision in the construction industry is well documented.

According to 2015/16 statistics compiled by the Health and Safety Executive, 18% of reported work-related illnesses in UK construction are the result of mental health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety.

This accounts for 400,000 working days lost each year.

The Office of National Statistics also shine a light on the worrying issue of suicide in the construction industry, with figures showing that rates among male construction workers are 3.7 times higher than the national average.

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