Trade press features ISG's work with 4D virtual reality modelling

21 July 2017

4D virtual reality - Mark Norton, ISG

Building magazine has published an article exploring the development of 4D virtual reality.

The article, titled ‘BIM: Are you ready to enter the fourth dimension?’, features comments from ISG’s head of BIM, Mark Norton, who shares his expertise on how technology should be pushed to its limits to maximise its benefits for both contractors and clients.

Mark talked about how ISG is currently developing ‘merged reality’ applications.

“Imagine standing on a recently poured floor slab and having the ability to see walls, ceiling and services instantly emerge around you,” Mark said.

“Imagine applying this technology within existing buildings for complex refurbishments and cut and carve schemes?

“This would be a paradigm shift in how we sequence work based on the physical structure around us.”

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