Time to embrace change, says ISG’s smart buildings expert

22 February 2018

Time to embrace change, says ISG’s smart buildings expert

“As we move to embrace digital technologies in our industry, we cannot expect rigid and traditional structures to remain fit for purpose,” says ISG’s head of technology, Paul Cook.

Paul, who is part of ISG’s in-house technology business, Technology Solutions, shared his views in an exclusive feature for the online trade publication, Building.co.uk

“Whilst technological innovation is making major inroads within the built environment sector, it’s clear that many decision-makers and work providers tend to possess, or be guided towards, a ‘traditional’ procurement approach,” he said.

“Surely if we don’t ask, challenge and interrogate more robustly the initial design concept, then how can we drive the revolutionary change that the industry needs to lift itself out of this ‘traditional’ mindset.”

Paul referenced the steps that ISG had taken to promote an integrated approach to technology at the design stage, by introducing the transformational role of the ‘master systems architect’.

“We created this new role to address a growing concern that pre-existing processes and hierarchies were having a negative effect on the ability of our industry to play a pivotal role in the ‘smart revolution’,” Paul said.

“It doesn’t matter if you have the very latest cutting-edge system in this process, because the fragmented approach will never enable these technologies to work to their full potential and create human-centric design.”

Paul concluded that although change can create uncertainty, if we don’t embrace change “we not only miss out on opportunities to be real innovators, but also curtail the ambitions of our clients to benefit from smart spaces that support their growth aspirations.”

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