#TeamISG promote careers in construction at Glasgow jobs fair

23 October 2017

DYW Glasgow Jobs Fair - ISG, Scotland

#TeamISG is on a mission to encourage young people to consider a career in construction.

Our team in Scotland took our cause to the DYW Glasgow Jobs Fair on 20 September 2017, which was run and organised by the city’s chamber of commerce.

The event saw pupils and young people flock to find out about employment and training opportunities across the region.

ISG’s HR business partner, Kay Best, and proposals manager, Claire Bryce, were on hand to educate students about the construction industry and the employment opportunities available in the region.

“The event was a great opportunity to talk to students about their career options and what construction has to offer,” said Kay.

“Many people, when they think of construction, automatically conjure up images of building sites, but there are so many other careers available in the industry.”

For more information about a career in construction, visit our careers page.