ISG's Construct app makes headlines in Construction News

23 January 2017

In an interview with Construction News’ technology specialist Daniel Kemp, ISG’s divisional director Andy Hargrave explains how an app has helped the business make impressive productivity gains, equating to £1 million of unproductive time on London’s largest fit out project.

With apps playing an intrinsic role in our personal lives, there is a huge benefit in integrating them into our working lives. Working with an external developer, ISG co-deployed the Construct app on the 700,000 sq ft fit out scheme at 5 Broadgate.

The app is a fully customisable Cloud-based process management system. It can also be used offline, allowing sites to become totally paperless. The “proof is in the pudding,” says Kemp, with the app saving “one-and-a-half hours of administration time per employee on average, equating to £1 million of unproductive time.”

In the article, Andy Hargrave comments: “We asked a specific question about how you can communicate with so many people, and how you can distribute all the latest information to them. We wanted a project management tool that meant our people spent more time out on site and less time in the office. On these types of projects there’s a lot of change and lots of information.”

Following success on the 5 Broadgate project, ISG is now ready to use the app across other sites.

Follow the link to read the full ‘ISG app saves £1m at Broadgate’ article on Please note you may need access to the CN website to read the article in full.