ISG talks technology in A-Z of 2017 workplace trends

22 November 2017

CMS, London law firm, ISG fit out

Harnessing technology is the key to achieving the advanced workplaces of tomorrow, says ISG’s head of technology.

Paul Cook, who works for ISG’s Technology Solutions business, provided insight as part of an A-Z round-up of workplace trends for 2017 for the trade magazine, Mix Interiors.

Paul stressed the importance of integrating technological advancements into the office environment.

“Technology is changing the way we interact with the bricks and mortar around us – and it’s here to stay,” Paul said.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, the integration of people, technology and the built environment will be the defining feature of the future office.

“Implementation of the right type of technology will enable the development of truly smart cities and a transformational digital ecosystem for smarter and faster decision making.”

Paul said that how we integrate this technology is key and requires a new mindset away from the traditional silo approach when designing and delivering buildings.

“A technology-first approach is the natural evolution for the office of the future.”

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