ISG launches Smart Series events

26 April 2018

Launching ISG Smart Series

Bringing together leaders, experts and specialists from across the construction industry and beyond, ISG has launched Smart Series, a unique opportunity to explore the topics that really matter to our industry.

Smart Series events feature expert panels of guest speakers tackling different themes at each interactive event, which are designed to promote discussion, drive thought leadership and encourage knowledge-sharing, helping ISG deliver smarter and more resilient places of tomorrow.

ISG launched the inaugural Smart Series seminar on Tuesday 24 April at UBS’ central London headquarters, an office space which ISG fitted out in 2016 – the largest office fit out project it had ever delivered at the time. 

Experts from across the industry discussed how to deliver the smart, sustainable and collaborative office spaces of the future.

Flexible working space, technology and employee well-being were all under the spotlight, as guest speakers explored the latest trends in co-working and private offices. 

Preconstruction director for ISG’s fit out business, Matt Hurrell, opened the seminar, posing the question: ‘what does the future of office space look like?’

“Most offices are designed without giving thought to the people that operate the buildings, how the systems talk to each other, or whether the building is sustainable and efficient,” he said.

“In a future of more flexible working, how do we create an office suitable for the end user?’’

Jason Clark, executive director and regional head of property management for UBS, discussed how the company produced an office which integrated both building design and facilities.

“UBS had five main objectives: flexibility, sustainability, reliable infrastructure, client experience and cost efficiency, while arriving at an office which maximised productivity for employees,” he said.

“An office is a hub and a destination for employees, rather than a location for work.

“Throughout our seven-year journey, we had a fixed move-in date with zero flexibility – we had a plan to move 7,500 employees into the office, and begin working productively within 15 minutes, and I’m glad to say we achieved that.”

IWG Group’s property services director, Celine Ansari, spoke about the current ‘office revolution’ in the co-working space. 

‘’The work-from-home movement has changed how we view our work environments,” she said.

“Co-working spaces are becoming more popular, with businesses looking to drive creativity and interaction with other industries. Shared areas now drive office spaces rather than the number of desks.

“Technology has enabled the office movement, challenging productivity, and workplaces need to adapt. At IWG our challenge is to deliver smart, globally.”

Chris Maddison, partner at Seven Partnership, discussed the differing needs of owners, investors and occupiers, and how vital it is that the end user is considered from the outset. 

‘’Millennials are increasingly interested in an office place that is agile and flexible,” Chris explained.

“We need to engage early with the people who use the space to ensure we create a space with a long-term view.”

Creating an open, bright and vibrant workplace was the final topic delivered by Coffey Architects’ director, Phil Coffey, who commented: ‘’Bringing older buildings into the future is about finding creative spaces. 

“The design is key; natural light and flexible working space offer employees the chance to be creative and productive.’’

All guest speakers joined a closing panel session, with the surrounding whether office size would reduce in the future.

The panel unanimously agreed that the office is still key to running a business and, despite advancements in flexible working, that people thrive in a central hub.

For more information and to register your interest in future Smart Series events, visit ISG's dedicated Smart Series campaign page.