ISG heads for higher levels of protection on site

29 October 2018

ISG heads for higher levels of protection on site

In June 2016, ISG became the first UK contractor to elevate its standard requirements for all employees and supply chain partners working on ISG projects, both in the UK and overseas. 

After evaluating both near miss and minor incident data, ISG’s group health and safety director, Cavan Woods, noted that helmets without a secured chin strap can easily be displaced during a fall, regardless of the height they’re working at. 

Following a review of best practices in the industry, ISG’s health and safety team came to the decision to upgrade all helmets in order to better protect employees on site.

The upgraded helmets comply not only with existing health and safety standards, but provide an even higher level of protection. 

They feature side, front and rear impact protection and are fitted with a four-point chinstrap, meaning in the event of any incident, the helmet stays secure on the wearers head. 

This move marked ISG as the first construction company to make the wearing of the new helmets mandatory for all on site employees. 

JSP, leading manufacturer of above the neck Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the UK, has noticed a marked increase in the number of leading construction and highway maintenance companies who also are upgrading their choice of helmet. 

To date, JSP has supplied over 150,000 helmets industry-wide, with over 20,000 to ISG.

On the upgrade to new, safer helmets, Simon Apsey, UK key account director at JSP, commented: “An industrial helmet offers protection to your most important asset – your head – so the importance of selecting the right helmet is key.

“ISG’s health and safety team should be applauded for being bold and leading the way to improved head protection in the industry”.  

Cavan added: “At ISG, health and safety is at the heart of everything we do. 

“We are always looking for ways to lead the industry in driving health and safety practices that better protect our people and colleagues, and we’re pleased that we have increased the level of protection for everyone working on site. 

“Upgrading helmet safety is just one step into ensuring the industry’s employees feel safe on site”.   

The upgraded helmet, called The EVOLite® Skyworker™, has a suspension system and reinforced shell structure that has been designed to be used for industrial, mountaineering, rescue and leisure activities.

With buildings taking on unprecedented heights, on site employees are likely to be working at heights more than ever before, and ISG is playing a key role in driving a step-change in health and safety standards.