ISG appoints two new board members in Spain

1 February 2018

ISG appoints two new board members in Spain, Gema Buesa and Noemí Jimenez

ISG is delighted to announce a brace of director-level appointments to support its team in Spain.

Gema Buesa and Noemí Jimenez have been promoted to the board of directors, as we further strengthen our operations in the region.

Gema, who has been named financial director, said of her appointment: "I am very grateful for the trust that the company has in me, and I am very proud to be part of the Spanish board.

“It is a huge challenge, but I feel very motivated that my career with ISG has a promising future and that I can demonstrate my potential, and continue learning from this great company.''

Gema also emphasised her desire to continue her personal development in her new position.

''Being promoted to the board alongside Noemí is an excellent opportunity to excel even further.

“Sitting with other board members, and in particular other women on the board, is a great opportunity to learn and develop.''

Noemí, who has been appointed business development director and brings 17 years’ experience to the role, highlighted her excitement at tackling a new challenge.

“Throughout the past few years we have won a lot of good work and are working with a lot of big clients.

“The business development team is a key part of that and I am very proud to be recognised for the work we have undertaken.

“I am excited for the new challenge and the responsibility this new role brings.''

Commenting on the appointments, ISG’s managing director in Spain, Javier Cirac, said: "Recognising these two people with new positions is a reward for the professional work that they have been carrying out for a long time, and is a well-deserved step for them."

He continued: ''Both have been able to demonstrate how they can lead a team to enhance and achieve the strategic objectives of the company.

“I want to offer my congratulations – the sky is the limit for them both.''