ISG and the rise of digital construction

18 December 2017

ISG and the rise of digital construction

ISG has spoken about its adoption of virtual and augmented reality in the December 2017 edition of the trade magazine, UK Construction Excellence.

ISG’s head of BIM, Mark Norton, and head of visualisation, Simon Spink, spoke about how new digital technologies are improving health and safety and inductions on its construction sites.

New technologies are also helping clients to better visualise their finished projects thanks to virtual walk-throughs.

“VR and AR can help bridge the divide between technical documentation and the finished product,” said Simon.

“Our real-time visualisation app means that we can go to meetings with our client and guide them through their space.

“The client can look at any area of their building immediately and see the finished product without having to wait for renders from the architect.”

Simon said this not only accelerates the decision-making process, but gives the project team peace of mind and confidence.

Mark said ISG is introducing augmented reality into technology that clients already use and understand, like smart phones and tablets.

“One of our development rules is the two-minute rule,” Mark said.

“If somebody can’t use a bit of tech within two minutes, they are probably not going to use it, so we try to make everything as easy as possible.”

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