Improving the German procurement model, by ISG’s Berlin managing director

16 October 2017

ISG Berlin managing director Steffen Kühn

Germany can learn from the design and build procurement model in order to improve costs, deadlines and quality, says ISG’s head of Berlin.

Steffen Kühn made the comments in a by-lined article in the popular real estate publication, Die Immobilie.

He writes that construction companies should be consulted more during the planning process as a way of saving money down the line.

“In the design and build process, the client sets a framework for costs, deadlines and qualities before starting a project,” Steffen explains.

“The great added value lies in the fact that all parties involved during the planning process receive realistic market prices for the construction of the building and can contrast these with the project objectives.”

According to Steffen, the design and build process allows for greater innovation, such as the inclusion of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

“BIM can only develop its great advantages if the model is used from the outset and is set up and supervised by a party,” he writes.

“With a general contractor assuming key responsibility, BIM could be more easily deployed in Germany.”

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