Winning work in Singapore, by ISG's Gary Allin

9 November 2017

ISG’s managing director in Singapore has spoken to Construction News about its activities in the country, which is described in the article as “one of the richest, most relentless and most saturated markets in the world”.

Gary Allin told the trade publication that the biggest barrier to entry in Singapore as a foreign contractor is securing a customer base.

“For ISG, we leveraged our global brand when we moved over here,” he said.

“We were willing to risk our brand strength on our delivery capability in Singapore.”

ISG set up in Singapore in 2000 when the company was brought over to deliver a 30,000 sq ft fit out scheme for the serviced offices provider, Regus.

Gary said the market in Singapore is strong, but it is not open - and knowing the competition is crucial.

“Customers know us, the consultant community knows us, so we’re relatively well informed when it comes to knowing what is coming up in the market,” he said.

The article also highlights ISG’s plans for the future in Singapore, which involves increasing its headcount and expanding into the hospitality sector.

“We’re looking at this very seriously, as we’ve only just scratched the surface,” he said.

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