Experience is the key to success in datacentre construction, says ISG's tech expert

07 February 2017

Experience in integrating M&E services with IT, and in upgrading established datacentres without disruption, will be key drivers for success in 2017, says ISG’s datacentre expert.

Engineering Services Europe managing director, Damian Farr, made the comments in a special 2017 preview article for Construction News, published on 17 January 2017.

"The levels of technical excellence required are significant and there is really no substitute for experience in this market," he writes.

"As a mature market, we now have datacentres first commissioned at the turn of the century in need of refurbishment and upgrade.

"Live environment and critical engineering expertise are prerequisites for contractors in this segment."

Damian also discussed the trend for modualisation – a move which has seen ISG deliver datacentres in under six weeks – and global capability, which is an important factor for clients when deciding on a contractor.

"There is a global drive for datacentre standardisation, so successful contractors must demonstrate global delivery consistency through robust and international supply chains," he writes.

Damian remains confident about Europe being the epicentre of the datacentre world, due to the continent’s cooler climate, political stability, robust legislation, and issues surrounding data sovereignty and latency.

"Europe continues to be a key destination," he says, "with nearly two thirds of global datacentre clients considering locations across the continent."

Follow the link to read the full article, 2017 preview: Data centres, on constructionnews.com. Please note you may need access to the CN website to read the article in full.