Developing young talent in Hong Kong with ISG

02 July 2018

ISG in Hong Kong recently completed a two-week student experience programme with Luke, a 16-year-old high-school student.

ISG’s comprehensive graduate, placement and apprenticeship programmes aspire to inspire young people and develop future generations of talent to bring dynamic, refreshing insights to the business as we seek to deliver the places of tomorrow.

In line with these programmes, ISG in Hong Kong recently completed a two-week student experience programme with Luke, a 16-year-old high-school student.

Designed to be educational and engaging, the programme involved practical work experience in the office and on site, across various disciplines and business functions.

We spoke to Luke about his time at ISG:

Hi Luke, how would you describe your experience at ISG?

It was very engaging, educational and inspiring for me. I had the opportunity to experience working in an office and on site, and met some fantastic people from different walks of life! I learned a lot in a very brief period of time and am excited to share my experiences with my schoolmates. More importantly, it has inspired me to ‘never stop learning’ and I am truly grateful for the experience I had at ISG.

What were some of the highlights of your experience?

During the two weeks, I was involved in several departmental meetings across various departments, and I was introduced to each team and their roles in the business. I was given the opportunity to provide new ideas and feedback, which was great. Everyone was very welcoming and receptive to my ideas, which was really fulfilling for me.

The programme included some training sessions, which were really interesting. I learned how to prepare a balance sheet in project accounting – managing project expenses and estimates – and at the end of the fortnight I was also able to create a basic construction drawing and 3D model using BIM!

Describe your experience at ISG’s construction sites.

I visited four construction sites, and it was a very different experience each time. I visited an active site at a university in Clear Water Bay, an office fit out at the International Financial Centre (IFC), a completed membership club project and also an international school in Tai Tam. The dedicated site teams walked me through the site progress and activities involved.

It was certainly an interesting experience as I have never been in a construction environment before. The site team took me through various ground works that were underway as well as the site inspection process, and I was also given my own safety boots, vest and construction helmet! It was really fun and provided an insight into the construction world.

What is your overall impression of ISG?

Everyone I met was very helpful and friendly. The people I spent time with are experts and experienced in their roles, and despite their busy schedules they were willing to spend time with me. They guided me through work processes and brought me up to speed with my daily activities in the office. I would never have experienced these in school, and it was a privilege to learn from the different specialists and experts at ISG.

ISG is a fantastic company to work for. The office environment is very cool and it was a great workplace experience. The skills I have developed are relevant and transferable at school and of course, in my future work life. I have learned so much in the course of two weeks, and I hope to come back to ISG in the future!