Career breaks and flexible hours will attract more women into construction, says ISG engineer

Luisa Contini - ISG 

The construction industry needs to address issues relating to work-life balance in order to attract and retain more women, according to an ISG project engineer.

Luisa Contini was interviewed in the engineering publication, Infrastructure Intelligence, ahead of the third annual International Women in Engineering Day.

She shared her thoughts on the progress the construction industry has made in attracting greater numbers of women into the sector.

“My company actively encourages flexible working, but the same cannot be said for the sector as a whole,” she said.

“Flexible working opportunities in STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] sectors are sparse with only 6% of engineering companies offering it.”

Luisa said that women would be much more attracted to a career in engineering if they felt it was more ‘family friendly’ and offered career breaks and flexible hours to accommodate families.

“Generally, women aren’t encouraged to come back to work after having a family and this is a crying shame,” she said.

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