Refurbishment of the Ashworth 2 building, Edinburgh


About this project

ISG has been appointed as the principal contractor for the refurbishment works at Ashworth 2, a 1970s building which forms part of the King’s Buildings, the main campus of the University of Edinburgh’s College of Science and Engineering. The contract started on site in September 2014 and is due to complete in February 2017.

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About ISG

ISG is an international construction services company delivering fit out, construction, engineering services and a range of specialist solutions. Consistent delivery is what differentiates our business.

Our customers have confidence in what to expect every time they choose to work with us; regardless of where in the world, no matter what service we provide or the sector they are in. Whether theirs are unique, bespoke developments or projects of global significance, both international brands and small, local organisations trust ISG to serve their needs in a consistent way - on time, to a high quality and on budget. But not everything about us is predictable. In fact, we are known for our innovative approach, our commitment to a more sustainable future and for employing the most talented and collaborative people in the industry.

Our ability to deliver consistently great customer service across geographies, sectors and services, is a defining factor. It enables us to build strong, long-lasting relationships with customers and develop fresh and relevant solutions to their evolving needs. By setting the standard for construction services, ISG has become the partner of choice for both global and local organisations building, refurbishing or fitting out their spaces. We are also focused on the communities where we work employing talented local people and building networks of local suppliers.


Principal contractor

We will be carrying out a phased refurbishment of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of Ashworth 2, with works commencing on the 3rd floor.

On each floor we will be forming new office and laboratory space. Following the completion of the each floor we will cease operations to allow staff and students to move into the refurbished space, and for preparatory works to be carried out on the next floor.
We appreciate the vital importance of communication in a project where we will be working in an occupied environment. Our team will hold regular meetings with the university to ensure that staff and students are fully aware of the programme of works and that any disruption is minimised. 

So what can you expect from us...

Enhancing the Appearance 
The site will be kept clean and tidy. Dirt and dust from construction operations will be kept to a minimum

Respecting the Community 
We will give utmost consideration to our impact on neighbours and the public. General information regarding the project will be provided for all neighbours via newsletters and this website. 

Protecting the Environment 
We are aware of the environmental impact of our site and will minimise as far as possible the effects of air, light and noise pollution. 
We will seek sustainable solutions and minimise waste, the carbon footprint and resources. We aim to divert over 90% of waste produced on site from landfill by reuse and recycling methods. 

Securing everyone’s Safety 
All site operations will be carried out with the highest levels of consideration for the safety of personnel, visitors and the general public. Respectable and safe standards of dress will be maintained at all times. 

Caring for the Workforce 
We will provide a supportive and caring working environment for our workforce, and will ensure that everyone associated with the project understands, implements and complies with site rules.

Considerate Constructors

As an organisation, we place a high value on maintaining good relationships with our neighbours, and as we are going to be part of your community for a short period of time, we will be providing updates on site progress on a regular basis via this website and ISG newsletters. 

We are a socially responsible contractor and one of only a handful of companies invited to become an Associate Member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme which promotes responsible working practices within construction. We recently received a longevity award in recognition of the part we’ve played over the last 10 years in improving the image of construction and working to the very highest levels of consideration. 

We will endeavour to take your needs into consideration and hope that we can work together to make this a successful project with minimal disruption to our neighbours. The Ashworth Building Contract is registered with the National Considerate Contractors Scheme.

Considerate constructors
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Contact us

We appreciate that schemes of this nature will bring queries and questions from the local community and have set up a number of ways for you to be able to communicate with us.

If you have a compliment, complaint, suggestion or question, we want to hear from you. Tell us what we are getting right or what we are getting wrong. With your help we will endeavour to make this project a positive experience for all.You can contact us by using the form below,our normal site working hours are:

7.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday
8:00am - 4pm Saturday 

In the event of any out of hours site issues, our Project Manager, Stuart Coutts, can be contacted on 07964 645 164.