Karin Einsperger | ISG

Karin Einsperger, Business Development Director South

Karin Einsperger began her new role as Business Development Director South at ISG in February 2023.  In this role, she is primarily responsible for building and retaining a strong customer and partner network.

Her long-standing professional experience includes 20 years in similar management roles with notable companies in the real estate sector, such as CBRE and CBP/WSP.

Karin holds a degree in business administration and studied international management. Her career has extended beyond Germany, as it includes taking care of travellers and handling their issues in Tunisia and Egypt as well as working as a member of a small team enjoyed success building up an office in Shanghai.

She began her career working for a travels agency where she was responsible for customer relationship abroad. From this experience she developed a fine-tuned empathy and a keen sense for creating tailor-made solutions that directly catered to clients' requests. A lateral thinker, Karin enjoys the creative challenge of finding novel solutions by complex issues by "looking over the horizon".